Maximising your potential and building better companies

SP Investments is a premium boutique management consulting firm. We advise work collaboratively with you to maximise the potential of your organization.  Our team work across a wide variety of industries and deliver results in strategy definition, performance improvement, organization effectiveness and transactional support.

A unique consulting model

SP Investments deliver insight and pragmatic solutions to organizations in South Africa and the Southern African Region.

We work collaboratively

Lasting relationships create lasting results. We work with you as a combined team, and we make a long term commitment to your success.

Advisory to large corporates and SMEs

We deliver results in strategy development, performance improvement, organization effectiveness and transaction support.

Coaching and mentoring

We help you solve your complex issues and enable you to achieve exceptional organizational outcomes. We deliver sustained success.

Strategy Development and Planning

Our team champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary

We work with you to define your corporate and business unit strategies and strategic plans. We also work to develop solutions to your most important strategic issues, including growth, turnaround, marketing, pricing or customer.

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Organisational Design and Effectiveness

We assist business owners to focus and grow their companies

Our goal is to help you create a better future for your business; and as a result for South Africa. Our experienced management consultants use our ‘Strategy to Solution’ method of delivering lasting impact to ensure your business can exceed its potential.

4 steps to business success

We facilitate the development of a practical strategic plan and work with you to implement the plan. You benefit from 30 years of experience in a wider range of industries, a strong understanding of sales and marketing in business to business environments, and an extensive network of expertise to resolve your business challenges.

Step 1 - Business review

A review of your business performance to identify priorities for focus on ten key areas for business success.

Step 3 - Implementation

Implementation support to address your business challenges and to bring your plan and projects to life.

Step 2 - Strategic planning

Unpick your business issues, set priorities and projects, delivered in a one page plan.

Step 3 - Implementation

Implementation support to address your business challenges and to bring your plan and projects to life.

Step 4 - Annual reset

A plan is only valuable when it is living and connected to the business. We review and reset annually.

What can we help you achieve?

Addressing your business challenges

In today’s marketplace business owners and leaders are experiencing a lot of noise. There is information and content coming at you from all sides about how to improve your business. Yet this well meaning advice doesn’t consider the unique circumstances your business is in.

If this is you, you will find this “noise” creates confusion rather than clarity. You may find yourself and your team focused on the status quo – or in the part of the business and markets that you feel most comfortable working in. As a result, you may be missing real opportunities to grow, leaving lots of money on the table.

At SP Investments, we help you cut through the noise and build a real strategy for growth. Talk to us now about how we can help you grow your business.